CCC CarboHealth meeting at AVEBE

CCC CarboHealth meeting at AVEBE
2 November 2016 CCC

On Tuesday November 1st, all partners in the CCC-research programme CarboHealth (funded by Topsector AgriFood and 6 industrial partners) gathered at AVEBE in Ter Apelkanaal for their periodical progress meeting.

Staff, postdocs and PhD students from WUR, RUG and UMCG presented the progress in their research of the past 6 months in interaction and stimulating discussions with the industrial partners FrieslandCampina, Danone, Nutreco, Winclove, Avebe and Sensus. Most subprojects are now in the last year of their  research and a lot of samples are still being analysed and data evaluated.

The results obtained in the different disciplines however start to show certain patterns and coherence already. This is feeding our expectations that overall this programme will be successful both for knowledge institutes and industries.
All partners were urged to

  • look for complementation of their data with results obtained in other disciplines,
  • apply successful approaches to all groups of prebiotics under investigation in our project,
  • integrate results obtained in the different disciplines,
  • compare results obtained for the different groups of prebiotics
  • further elucidate the metabolism of prebiotics by probiotics.

Carbohealth will end December 2017. Partners were quite positive at the end of the meeting. As prof. Henk Schols of WUR stated: ‘for all Carbohealth partners it is time to harvest now’.