New members in the CCC Management Team

New members in the CCC Management Team
28 October 2016 CCC

The CCC Management team welcomes Wim Huizinga as business manager and Janneke Krooneman as project manager. Both started working for CCC in recent months.

Wim Huizinga, business manager

Wim Huizinga graduated as an economist at University of Groningen and started his career as researcher at the Environmental Study Center in Groningen, now known as Institute for Energy and Environment. He performed multidisciplinary studies on the impact of agricultural policy on the environment and the perspective of sustainable energy for the Northern Netherlands, especially biogas.

After working for the regional government of Friesland as a researcher and for Katalysator, a consultancy in agricultural innovation and rural development, Huizinga worked at the municipality of Leeuwarden as a senior account manager for (agrifood) companies and clusters around Wetsus and the Dairy Campus. This allowed him to gain experience in developing and managing larger subsidy programs on innovation.

Huizinga joined CCC in 2015, and is responsible for all business aspects of CCC research programs, PR and communication.


Janneke Krooneman

Janneke Krooneman obtained a PhD-degree in Environmental Microbiology at the University of Groningen, characterizing microbial processes in contaminated soils. She worked in Groningen a further two years as postdoc, in collaboration with ID-DLO Lelystad (now WUR).

The next 15 years, Krooneman worked as innovation manager for a knowledge intensive biotech-SME (Bioclear bv). Subsequently she was appointed as program manager at the University of Groningen (from 2012 onwards), for the BioBrug program, aimed to stimulate the collaboration between the University and SMEs within the field of biobased economy.

Krooneman now is project manager at the Carbohydrate Competence Centre, responsible for initiation, development, and management of national public-private partnership-programs on the themes of carbohydrates & health, and carbohydrates & sustainability.

Krooneman also holds a position as lecturer ‘Biological Engineering’ at the University of Groningen, and contributes to the Industrial Engineering and Management curriculum.