CCC Symposium 24 november 2020 “online”

CCC Symposium 24 november 2020 “online”
28 October 2020 CCC

CCC will organize the next symposium online! In this meeting, the achievements of the researchers in the CarboKinetics programme, which will end this year, will be presented.

The registration is now open for the online CCC symposium at the 24th of November 2020.

Location: Online

Program Final Symposium on NWO-CCC program CarboKinetics
Impact of kinetics on intestinal degradation of carbohydrates

10.00 h. Login in, Registration, bring your own coffee/tea
10.20 h. Welcome by prof. dr. Lubbert Dijkhuizen, chair of the CarboKinetics program
10.30 h. Key-note: prof. dr. Robert Jan Brummer, Örebro University Sweden, ‘Intestinal short chain fatty acid production – will it make you healthier and happier?’
11.00 h. Carbs can make the difference: how pectins fuel immunity. Eva Jermendi (WUR) & Martin Beukema (UMCG).
11.20 h. Toward controlled steering of microbiota and immunity in infants by non-digestible carbohydrates and its degradation products. Renate Akkerman (UMCG) & Madelon Logtenberg (WUR)
11.40 h.  Colonic and ileal carbohydrate degradation in healthy adults and elderly. Ran An (WUR) & Ellen Wilms (MU)
12.00 h. Lunch-break
14.00 h. Key-Note: dr. Geert Bruggeman, Nuscience, participant NWO-CCC-CarboKinetics and NWO-CCC-CarboBiotics, ‘Disseminating Innovative Solutions for Antibiotic Resistance Management’
14.30 h. Acetate as metabolic target in the prevention of overweight-related chronic metabolic disorders. Emanuel Canfora (MU) & Gerben Hermes (WUR)
14.50 h. Kinetics of fermentation of non-digestible carbohydrates inside the lumen of the human gut, and its effects on human metabolism in vivo. Mara van Trijp (WUR) & Melanie Rios Morales (UMCG)
15.10 h. Improving lung health by carbohydrate-directed changes in intestinal microbiota in calves. Saskia Braber (UU) & Myrthe Gilbert (WUR).
15.30 h. Closing Remarks prof dr Gert Jan Euverink (CCC)