Publications 2020

Publications 2020
29 June 2020 CCC

Below you find a list of recent publications (12) from researchers associated with the CCC. We update this list twice a year (June, December) (click here for the list)

  1. Akkerman, Renate, Madelon J Logtenberg, Ran An, Marco A Van Den Berg, Bart J de Haan, Marijke M Faas, Erwin Zoetendal, Paul de Vos, en Henk A Schols. 2020. „Endo-1, 3 (4)-β-Glucanase-Treatment of Oat β-Glucan Enhances Fermentability by Infant Fecal Microbiota, Stimulates Dectin-1 Activation and Attenuates Inflammatory Responses in Immature Dendritic Cells.” Nutrients (Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute) 12 (6): 1660.
  2.  Borewicz, Klaudyna, Fangjie Gu, Edoardo Saccenti, Christine Hechler, Roseriet Beijers, Carolina de Weerth, Sander S van Leeuwen, Henk A Schols, en Hauke Smidt. 2020. „The association between breastmilk oligosaccharides and faecal microbiota in healthy breastfed infants at two, six, and twelve weeks of age.” Scientific reports (Nature Publishing Group) 10 (1): 1-12.
  3. Cai, Yang, Jelle Folkerts, Gert Folkerts, Marcus Maurer, en Saskia Braber. 2020. „Microbiota-dependent and-independent effects of dietary fibre on human health.” British journal of pharmacology (Wiley Online Library) 177 (6): 1363-1381.
  4. Cheng, Lianghui, Chunli Kong, Marthe T C Walvoort, Marijke M Faas, en Paul de Vos. 2020. „Human milk oligosaccharides differently modulate goblet cells under homeostatic, proinflammatory conditions and ER stress.” Molecular nutrition & food research (Wiley Online Library) 64 (5): 1900976.
  5. Kong, Chunli, Lianghui Cheng, Guido Krenning, Jolien Fledderus, Bart J de Haan, Marthe T C Walvoort, en Paul de Vos. 2020. „Human Milk Oligosaccharides Mediate the Crosstalk Between Intestinal Epithelial Caco-2 Cells and Lactobacillus PlantarumWCFS1in an In Vitro Model with Intestinal Peristaltic Shear Force.” The Journal of Nutrition.
  6. Logtenberg, Madelon J, Renate Akkerman, Ran An, Gerben D A Hermes, Bart J de Haan, Marijke M Faas, Erwin G Zoetendal, Henk A Schols, en Paul de Vos. 2020. „Fermentation of Chicory Fructo-oligosaccharides and Native Inulin by Infant Faecal Microbiota Attenuates Pro-inflammatory Responses in Immature Dendritic Cells in an Infant-age Dependent and Fructan-Specific Way.” Molecular Nutrition & Food Research (Wiley Online Library) 2000068.
  7. Martens, Bianca M J, Erik M A M Bruininx, Walter J J Gerrits, en Henk A Schols. 2020. „The importance of amylase action in the porcine stomach to starch digestion kinetics.” Animal Feed Science and Technology (Elsevier) 114546.
  8. Mistry, Rima H, Fan Liu, Klaudyna Borewicz, Mirjam A M Lohuis, Hauke Smidt, Henkjan J Verkade, en Uwe J F Tietge. 2020. „Long-term β-galacto-oligosaccharides Supplementation Decreases the Development of Obesity and Insulin Resistance in Mice Fed a Western-type Diet.” Molecular Nutrition & Food Research (Wiley Online Library) 1900922.
  9. Mistry, Rima H, Klaudyna Borewicz, Fangjie Gu, Henkjan J Verkade, Henk A Schols, Hauke Smidt, en Uwe J F Tietge. 2020. „Dietary Isomalto/Malto-Polysaccharides Increase Fecal Bulk and Microbial Fermentation in Mice.” Molecular Nutrition & Food Research (Wiley Online Library) 2000251.
  10. Mujagic, Zlatan, Daisy M A E Jonkers, Ad A M Masclee, en Daniel Keszthelyi. 2020. „A Key Role for the Small Bowel in Irritable Bowel Syndrome Pathophysiology: Time to Refocus?” Clinical Gastroenterology and Hepatology (Elsevier).
  11. Ren, Chengcheng, Lianghui Cheng, Yue Sun, Qiuxiang Zhang, Bart J de Haan, Hao Zhang, Marijke M Faas, en Paul de Vos. 2020. „Lactic acid bacteria secrete toll like receptor 2 stimulating and macrophage immunomodulating bioactive factors.” Journal of Functional Foods (Elsevier) 66: 103783.
  12. Ren, Chengcheng, Qiuxiang Zhang, Bart J de Haan, Marijke M Faas, Hao Zhang, en Paul de Vos. 2020. „Protective effects of lactic acid bacteria on gut epithelial barrier dysfunction are Toll like receptor 2 and protein kinase C dependent.” Food & Function (Royal Society of Chemistry) 11 (2): 1230-1234.