CarboBased: a new CCC program!

CarboBased: a new CCC program!
13 May 2018 CCC

After the initiation of the NWO-CCC CarboBiotics program earlier this year, CCC will launch a second public private research program in 2018: CarboBased! The Northern regional authority SNN will support this program on biobased research with a subsidy of €2,3 mln. from the Regional Economic Program (REP).

An important reason for this support, SNN states, is the relevance for new and upcoming industries. Various companies have decided to support CarboBased, so its total size will amount to over €5,0 mln.

Nine work packages announced

From 2018 to 2022 no less than nine work packages will be executed. Next June four work packages involving the companies AVEBE, Royal COSUN and DSM Coating Resins will start, the other five will follow in the next months. The two research themes in this CarboBased program are:

1. Carbohydrate-based products and materials: the creation of new biobased products and materials from carbohydrates from biomass by maintaining the basic carbohydrate structure.

2. New molecules: the creation of completely new products from carbohydrates as building blocks for new products and materials with completely new properties (the carbohydrates are being transformed into new molecules).

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