VLAG graduate school Wageningen courses

VLAG graduate school Wageningen courses
5 February 2017 CCC

In this newsletter, we will highlight courses by CCC partners that may be of interest to our readers. In this issue, we want to bring several courses organized by the VLAG graduate school at Wageningen University & Research to your attention.

Title: Applied Biocatalysis

This master class will provide detailed information on the basic principles of enzymes, enzyme immobilization and matters relevant to their industrial use.

Date: 5-7 April 2017
Location: Groningen

Title: Epigenesis and epigenetics

This course aims to provide a detailed scientific background on the mechanisms that may underlie these early-life effects, both at the physiological and gene expression level.

Date: 31 May – 2 June 2017
Location: Wageningen

Title: Food and Biorefinery Enzymology

This course aims at providing detailed background information on enzymatic conversion processes with relevance to industries dealing with agricultural raw materials.

Date: 24-29 September 2017
Location: Wageningen