News from CCC-research programs

News from CCC-research programs
26 October 2016 CCC

The CCC1 and CCC2 research programs are now being completed, and the NWO-CCC CarboKinetics partnership program is just getting started. This autumn, 12 PhD students and postdocs will start their research projects in this program.

CCC1 and CCC2

After finishing our two big programs CCC1 and CCC2, all parties involved in funding have been busy controlling the expenditures and checking all results. This summer the process of accountability ended and final payments have been done.

The research impact is high, with a range of patent applications, PhD theses and numerous publications. Several industrial parties have informed us that they are still engaged in interpreting the datasets and analysis of how to use the new information in their business activities.

In forthcoming aCCCent newsletters we will outline typical examples of scientific breakthroughs resulting in industrial applications. If you have an interesting result to share, please let us know.

CCC-NWO CarboKinetics

The first NWO-CCC Partnership program has been launched, involving the industrial partners Agrifirm, Avebe, DSM, FrieslandCampina, NuSciences, Sensus, and VanDrie Group. On 23 September, a first Program Committee meeting marked the start of CarboKinetics.

This autum, 12 PhD students and postdocs will start their research projects in this program at the UMC Groningen, University of Maastricht, Utrecht University and Wageningen University and Research. The first progress meeting is scheduled at Agrifirm in Apeldoorn for November 2016.

For more information, please contact Janneke Krooneman (
) or Lubbert Dijkhuizen