CCC has a new website!

CCC has a new website!
17 October 2016 CCC

The CCC management team has redesigned our website and has given it a more up-to-date look. From early September onwards we have tested it and now is the moment to make the new website public.

From the outside, not much has changed: the familiar colors and the sugar beet leaf are still there. What has changed is the structure of the site. By improving the navigation, it is now easier to find information.

But there is now also a lot more information available on the CCC website. For instance, the reports of completed CCC-programs, and all the dissertations published within the framework of CCC, all under the ‘Documents’ menu.

You will also find a menu item for CCC-news and a Twitter feed with CCC-tweets as well as relevant retweets on topics around carbohydrates, biobased economy, and nutrition and health. Links to other organizations and journals also have been added. With this new CCC-website we hope to serve you even better in your search for relevant information. If you have suggestions for further improvements, please let us know on