CCC continues as part of Next Food Collective

CCC continues as part of Next Food Collective
20 November 2023 CCC

Dear visitor,

The Carbohydrate Competence Center remains to support the already running programs, but now as part of Next Food Collective

Next Food Collective is a collaboration between leading agro-food industries and knowledge and education organizations in the Netherlands. Its objective is to promote sustainability, innovation, and impact in the agro-food sector by developing joint programs and projects. The themes that Next Food Collective focuses on include sustainable production, regenerative agriculture, protein transition, and healthy nutrition. Next Food Collective emerged from a merger of TiFN, the Protein Competence Center (PCC), the Carbohydrate Competence Center (CCC), and the Sustainable Food Initiative (SFI).

Next Food Collective, together with its partners, has designed two transition programs that are currently under review by the government. These proposals are the growth fund proposals EPPIC (protein transition) and Re-Ge-NL (regenerative agriculture).

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