A look back at the CCC Autumn Symposium

A look back at the CCC Autumn Symposium
12 December 2021 CCC

Even though our hopes were high to organize the symposium live in Zwolle, we had to change our plans and switch back to meet in an online environment. A positive consequence was that by this adjustment the 3rd-online CCC autumn symposium was highly attended by approximately 180 researchers and scientists from companies and universities, creating lively discussions after each presentation. During the day we had the opportunity to listen to and learn from greatly appreciated scientists who presented and discussed their most recent work.

You can find the abstract booklet of the speeches presented during the symposium here.

We are happy to say that we hosted a fruitful symposium with excellent speakers and looking forward to the spring conference which will be shifted to May next year in the hope of organizing an in-person symposium again.

CCC Atumn Symposium 2021