CarboBiotics – Midterm Evaluation meeting

CarboBiotics – Midterm Evaluation meeting
31 October 2021 CCC

In year three of the NWO-CCC CarboBiotics program, delayed by the corona measures, we were able to organize the midterm evaluation meeting, fortunately in an in person setting after a long time of on-line communications. Last September, an Evaluation Panel, consisting of highly qualified international scientists and experts, familiar with public private partnerships, reviewed the progress of the researchers participating in the program positively.

The purpose of the CarboBiotics midterm review was to evaluate whether the program is still on track scientifically as well as from an interrelationship point of view, connectivity and appropriateness. Moreover, to see what challenges and delays the researchers had to go through because of the pandemic. The evaluation consisted of two parts: written self-evaluation reports by the project leaders and a progress and evaluation meeting with presentations.

During the meeting the project leaders and the researchers presented their scientific results achieved so far and the public-private efforts put in the program. The engagement of the industrial partners was indicated to be high in all the projects. But certainly, the social aspects and the informal discussions within the CarboBiotics and NWO-CCC meetings in general have been missed. The pairing of the ten subprojects within the five projects provides a good, orderly and manageable construction of the program. The program is well managed by the program committee and the management board.

Despite the situation and some delays the Project Leaders indicated that the projects are quite on track and nice and impressive results have been obtained. It was very pleasing to see the positive outcome of this evaluation meeting and we are looking forward to the productive final years in the CarboBiotics program. We will continue to strengthen the collaboration and interactions between the different projects and partners involved.

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