CCC Spring Symposium 8 april 2021

CCC Spring Symposium 8 april 2021
17 March 2021 CCC

CCC will organize the CCC Spring Symposium online!

Location: Online

CCC Spring Symposium program

09.45 h. Log in, Registration, bring your own coffee/tea
10.00 h. Welcome by prof. dr. Henk Schols, and introduction of key-note speaker
10.10 h. Key-note: dr. Ruud Albers (Nutrileads) – Development of an affordable, sustainable and efficacious plant-based immunomodulatory food ingredient from pectic polysaccharides
10.40 h. prof. dr. Henk Schols introduces the CarboBiotics program
10.45 h. Cynthia Klostermann & Luis Silva Lagos – Towards versatile, antibiotic-specific carbohydrate-formulations for decreasing antibiotics-use and side-effects
11.00 h. Marina Fassarella & Lars Vliex – Carbohydrate-induced resilience of the gut microbiota after exposure to antibiotics
11.15 h. Break
11.20 h. Michela Ferrari & Marjolein Oerlemans – Beneficial exopolysaccharides to reduce infection and expedite recovery in humans and pigs of different ages
11.35 h. Miriam Oost & Adil Ijaz – CARBO-CLICK: CARbohydrate BOosted ControL of Intestinal Immunity in ChicKens
11.50 h. Martha Endika & David Barnett – Early life effects of human milk oligosaccharides and prebiotics on antibiotic associated gut microbiota changes and health
12.05 h. Lunch-break/Discussions in breakout rooms (biobased and nutrition topics)
13.30 h. Reopening and introduction of key-note speaker by prof. dr. Gert-Jan Euverink
13.35 h. Key-Note: dr. Ed de Jong (Avantium) – Availability and use of carbohydrates in the Biobased Economy
14.05 h. Introduction of the CarboBased program by prof. dr. Gert-Jan Euverink
14.10 h. Laura Boetje – Starch-esters from saturated and unsaturated fatty acids
14.25 h. Onno Broekman – A greener approach to starch oxidation
14.40 h. Hilda Bax – GH13 Glycogen branching enzymes can adapt the substrate chain length towards their preferences via α-1,4-transglycosylation
14.55 h. Kees van der Loo – Dehydrated N-acetylglucosamine as a precursor for novel library scaffolds
15.10 h. Rudy Rabbinge Award for the best speaker
15.20 h. Closing Remarks (CCC)