Unilever Research Prize for CCC study on seaweeds and carbohydrates

Unilever Research Prize for CCC study on seaweeds and carbohydrates
12 December 2018 CCC

Wouter Muizelaar, student of Marine Biology and Science, Business and Policy at the University of Groningen, received the prestigious Unilever Research Prize on the 27th of November 2018. During his internship at the CCC, Muizelaar studied the perspectives of seaweeds and carbohydrates. His master thesis Seaweeds and Carbohydrates: Assessment of starting a new Public Private Partnership about cultivating seaweeds as a future food source, was a clear frontrunner for the jury.

In his thesis Muizelaar points out the business changes for public-private exploitation and mentions which obstacles have to be overcome.

Praise from the jury

The jury praises Muizelaar ‘for his ability to integrate scientific insight on a high level with a thorough knowledge of (inter)national business strategies and necessary policy options and measures.’ The result is an ‘impressive, excellent and very well written master thesis’. There is also a lot of praise for Muizelaar as a person: beside ‘hardworking, involved, proactive and eager to learn’, the jury considers him to be a ‘very nice colleague’. In short: ‘a wonderful combination of characteristics and skills.’ He will embark on a scientific career at Wageningen University and Research as researcher on seaweeds and fisheries.

Internships available

CCC offers this internship because of the potential of seaweeds for food production and in view of a possibly new CCC research program. Interested? Mail Janneke Krooneman, for more information.