Advisory Committee on full strength

Advisory Committee on full strength
15 October 2018 CCC

CCC welcomes Geert Bruggeman from Nutritional Science as new member of the Advisory Committee.

From the start of the first program CCC1 we can dispose of an advisory committee made up with representatives of CCC partners. With Geert Bruggeman as new member, the CCC advisory committee is on full strength now with two representatives from business companies and three from universities. Geert Bruggeman is involved in two CCC programs CarboKinetics and CarboBiotics since 2015 and became a strong supporter of the CCC formula in this short period.

The advisory committee now consists of:

    • Paul de Vos, UMCG
    • Walter Gerrits, WUR
    • Geert-Jan Arends, RUG
  • Marchel Gorselink, FrieslandCampina
  • Geert Bruggeman, Nuscience