Progress meeting CarboKinetics

Progress meeting CarboKinetics
20 December 2016 CCC

On 25 November, the first progress meeting of the CCC-NWO program CarboKinetics was held at the head offices of Agrifirm in Apeldoorn. The research program aims to improve the health of animals and humans, based on increased knowledge of the breakdown kinetics of carbohydrates in food.

This first meeting clearly revealed the many cross connections between the different projects. This resulted in plans for increased cooperation between different scientists and knowledge institutes within the CarboKinetics program.

CarboKinetics brings together four knowledge institutes (UMCG, Wageningen University, Maastricht University and Utrecht University) with twelve scientists working on six different projects. There is 3 million Euro available in the program, half of which is financed by NWO, the other half comes from the industrial partners Agrifirm, AVEBE, DSM, FrieslandCampina, NuScience, Sensus and VanDriegroep.

At the progress meeting, six project leaders presented their plans for the CarboKinetics program. Then, twelve young scientists who will spend the next four years on different projects presented themselves through inspiring pitch-presentations. They also explained their research plans.

The meeting hosts of Agrifirm also presented their company and the importance of CarboKinetics to the innovations they produce. Other industrial partners presented pitches of their work. All progress meetings will be hosted by one of the industrial partners, which is then able to present itself more fully to all participants