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The University of Groningen (UG) is one of the Founding Fathers of the CCC and supports the CCC in operational matters. In implementing large research projects, the CCC has come to fulfil a key function for both the UG and WUR in valorization of its fundamental scientific results. The same also applies to the other knowledge partners within the programs, such as WUR. Through the CCC, existing linkages with private parties and a range of knowledge institutes have been strengthened and new links have been developed. Both within UG and externally, CCC’s example of working together with industrial parties has become a role model. This has led to other partnerships presenting themselves as Competence Centers: the Protein Competence Center, the Biomarker Competence Center and the Dairy Chain Competence Center, to name just a few.

For this reason, the Board of the University of Groningen took the decision in 2015 to invest €4 million in the CCC and its environs for a period of five years. New professorships were created in the fields of Nutrition and Health and Biobased Economy, which are the two main axes of CCC activities. At the same time, investments were made to ensure prompt succession in the CCC scientific directorship and to strengthen the CCC’s central management: an investment of 6 FTE in total.

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